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Spot Taping Machines

CAM's spot taping machines wrap adhesive tape around bundles of wires, pipes, tubes, and coils. They require no special brand of tape and work with many commercially available adhesive tapes. With a cycle time of less than one second, our manual tapers are much faster than hand taping and have been designed with your operator's safety and comfort in mind.

Just send us a sample of what you want to tape and the tape you want to use and we'll provide you with a taped sample made on our machine for your inspection.


CJ Spotaper™

Your tape / Our Small Machine

No special proprietary tape to buy. Designed to use most adhesive tapes available today.

The CJ Spotaper™ is designed to wrap adhesive tape around bundles of wire, tubes, coils, etc. at a single location.

There is no need to purchase extra heads for different sizes of tape or workpiece bundle diameter. The CJ Spotaper™ does it all. The actuator/guard easily adjusts for different bundle sizes. A simple adjustment allows tape length to be changed.

The CJ Spotaper™ is small enough to fit on most work tables. It can sit flat or be tilted up to accommodate the operator.

The CJ's rugged design ensures a long productive life. The soft drive system prevents breakage of the machine in the event of a jam-up. If a jam should occur, a simple timing adjustment usually puts the machine back in working order, without the need to replace parts or rebuild the machine.

The bundle diameter can vary from 1/8" (3.2 mm) to 5/8" (15.8mm). Tape sizes up to 3/4" (19 mm) wide. The taping cycle is well under one second. Maintenance is very simple. Repairs adjustments can be mad in minutes.

Please contact us for more information on the CJ Spotaper™.

Better yet, send us samples of your harness or workpiece and a roll of your tape. we will tape it and return it to you for evaluation.


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