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Manual Taping Machines

For more than 90 years, CAM Innovation has been improving the art of manual taping by introducing labor-saving manual taping machines. Thousands of these manual taping machines have been sold around the world and they have earned a reputation for their reliability and ease of use.

HS Portable Taping Machine

The HS is a handheld machine that can be used to tape harnesses while they are on the wiring board. The HS can be suspended from an overhead counterbalance (not included) for easy control. The operator starts the tape and guides the HS along the length of the harness to apply tight wraps of tape. The process is faster and more ergonomic than hand taping.


CT Taping Machine

With several thousand machines installed throughout the world, CAM's Model CT manual spiral taping machine is often referred to as "Old Reliable". Mounted on a wire harness support table, the unit pictured is the basic machine for continuous taping of wire harnesses. It is also widely used for taping electric motor coils.


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