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Manual Coil Taping Systems

CAM's manual taping machines are used to tape electric coils, wire harnesses and busss bars. These rugged, dependable machines are designed for continuous work. They can be used on practically all types and sizes of armature coils, busss bars, rods, ignition coils, wiring harnesses and similar objects, both rigid and flexible. These machines are used throughout the wire harness industry and are also used for spiral taping many products, ranging from golf clubs and fishing rods to tool handles and magnetic coils.

36YD Taping Machine

A very reliable manual taping machine designed specifically to tape electric motor coils. Pictured here is a machine with adjustable height coil tables and coil slot guards.


72YD Taping Machine

The 72 Yard Taping Machine is used primary to tape electric coils, harnesses and busss bars. This ultra reliable, simple machine has no gears, cams or other complex apparatus. Designed for hard continuous work, they are constructed of bronze, cast iron and steel. There are many optional attachments and accessories to customize the machine to better fit your taping application. The machine can be bench or floor stand mounted.


BCT Suspended Coil Taping Machine

The BCT is specifically designed for the application of tape insulation to motor coils and bars. Virtually no preparation or set-up time is required and both low or high resin tapes can be applied easily with greater accuracy and consistency. The unit's traverse reversing gearbox enables tape to be applied along the coil in both directions.


CTS Coil Taping Station

This manual taping station is used with CAM's BCT taping head. It holds the coil horizontally and allows the taping head to be moved around the work piece. By mechanically driving the taping head along the length of the coil a constant tape overlap can be maintained. The coil clamping system is pneumatic and can be engaged or released to enable an operator to easily turn over the coil and tape the backside.


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