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Custom Tape Machine Solutions

Tap Into Our Expertise
Draw upon our century of tape machine design experience! If one of our many standard machines doesn't quite fit your requirements we can develop a custom solution for your process tape application. Our engineers have produced machines to tape all kinds of wire harnesses, electrical cables, fiber optic cables, buss bars, insulating rings, static rings, water tubing and a multitude of electric coils. Our custom machine designs have used PVC, Polyimide, PTFE, Cloth, Paper and Mylar tapes. We are experts in tape application technology and can help you avoid costly design flaws and prototype failure.

Proven Components
CAM builds custom taping systems using our proprietary line of specialized taping heads.

This enables CAM to offer custom designs that are built upon proven platforms with modular versatility. We utilize the latest 3-D modeling software and produce specifications and concept drawings that you will be able to understand and explain to your in-house managers. We'll help you clarify your application specifications, assist you with tape selection and guide you through guarding and operator safety issues.

Working closely with the customer's in-house engineering department, CAM's design team created the above machine concept drawings that gave 3-D perspective of this custom buss ring taper. Our 3-D animation computer design software makes it easy for engineers and non-technical people to see and understand how the machine will function.

Budget and Justification
We take into account not only the mechanical and manufacturing end of your project, but also the budgeting and time parameters. Our cost justification process goes beyond just labor savings calculations by including quality improvement, increase throughput, operator safety considerations and much more.

Developing Your Concepts Into Working Machines
Maybe you have in-house engineering capabilities or process specialists who "know what they want" and seek our services to complete the engineering, do the calculations and build the prototype system. We can be an extension of your engineering capability and can electronically communicate specifications and assembly drawings seamlessly with your in-house team.



Once upon a time there was a company that made insulating materials like PTFE or polyimide film for wire. They had a problem developing test samples when researching new products. In order to get a sample for testing, they would have to produce a roll of material and then ask one of their wire-manufacturing customers to make up a sample reel with the test material. This was inefficient, expensive and research was often delayed waiting for the customer to reach a convenient time to make the sample wire. There had to be a better way!

They could install an elaborate wire covering line just to make samples or they could call CAM for a Custom Solution.

They Called CAM...

CAM developed a bench top machine that wrapped the tape on the wire and pulled the wire into an oven to cure the covering. The machine fits in their laboratory so the research team can make whatever pieces are required as needed. This has enabled the client to develop new solutions for their customers more quickly.


Call us and we'll set up a telephone conference with our machine designers. Let's discuss your special application and let us guide you through the custom tape machine solution process.


What influences the design
of a custom taping

  • Size of item being taped
  • Type of tape
  • Adhesive qualities of tape
  • Size of tape rolls
  • Width of tape
  • Thickness and strength of tape
  • Number of layers of tape
  • Materials being wrapped in each layer
  • Amount of area that needs to be taped
  • Tape overlap required
  • Speed of taping required
  • Level of operator interaction
  • Method of cutting tape
  • Quantity of taping needed per shift
  • Production throughput of taped items required
  • Where taping needs to be performed
  • Environmental factors and conditions of area where taping
  • Number of breakouts
  • Size of breakouts
  • Power requirements
  • Pneumatic requirements
  • Footprint space available for taping system
  • Skill level of operator
  • Level of daily maintenance desired
  • Level of automation desired


Call us and tap into our knowledge bank. Your custom tape application may be similar to a solution we may have already engineered.

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